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Meet Kala Sriram

Holistic Health Practitioner

Kala Sriram, Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of Shakthidhaara Healing, started her healing journey in 2005 with a Usui Reiki initiation. In addition to her Reiki practice, she began Angel Card Reading (holistic assistance via the use of Angel Cards) in 2012, Since then, she has pursued various other forms of healing including Violet Flame, Crystal, Womb and Sound Healing. Through the course of her journey, she has actively engaged with around 200 people and helped them enhance their healing journey. With 15+ years of  experience, Kala Sriram intends to assist more people and begin the process of  their healing journey through Shakthidhaara Healing. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Shakthidhaara?

Your pathway to Holistic growth.

Holistic approach to Healing

When it comes to healing, there is no generic modality that works the same way for everyone. This is why I will be providing every individual with tailor made healing method(s) on different levels to heal mind, body and soul. 

One to One Therapy Sessions

Throughout their healing journey, each individual is connected with me through a  call everyday, where I will guide them, such that they become comfortable with the healing process and also assist them in understanding the same. 

Be a Part of a Group

When you join Shakthidhaara healing, you will be added to a whatsapp group where daily affirmations along with positive messages are sent. 

No Chemicals

Where a patient may already be receiving conventional treatments involving pharmaceutical products, holistic healing can present a welcome reprieve. 

When we are relaxed and stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal. When a person is in good health, regular energy healing therapy will increase the bodies' built-in defence. This will manifest itself as confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events. 


“It has been a great healing experience. I have gone through distant healing before, but with Mrs.Kala, it was very effective. As she involved me in it completely, even though it was distant healing. In the process, I found many things in my life change for the better, other than the ailment for which I her service for getting cured. Extremely Happy!”

— Monica 

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Your HEALING Starts Here

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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